Blogging has certainly come a long way! It has grown to become a highly effective technique being used by many as part of their online marketing efforts and franchise marketing strategy. It’s a great way to promote a business. Nowadays all types of businesses are creating blogs to stay connected with their target customers and spread awareness about their products or services. The main reason behind the growing importance of blogging in any franchise marketing strategy is its interactive nature. There are so many blogs out there, and so many different types, that users have tons of options for looking up information that interests them.


Blogs act as a link between a business and its customers. They are especially helpful with increasing traffic to a business’s web site. Here are some ways you can increase traffic to your site via a blog.


·         Write relevant content that matches the readers’ interest. It is essential to always keep in mind what information your target audience is looking for. The relevancy of blog posts with reader’s interest is important as it will attract them to read it. They might even refer it to others. Search engines favor blogs that have user-relevant content.


·         Make titles appealing. Having catchy titles to posts help in attracting both readers as well as search engines. Always write articles that can pull people to read the post, and include important keywords if possible as part of your franchise marketing strategy.


·         Use the right keywords. Undertake keyword research to find the most appropriate keywords and effectively place them in the posts. Highlight the keywords to attract the readers’ attention; this will help users find your blog in major search engines like Google, which can help increase your audience size.


·         Post regularly and often. It helps in retaining the interest of the visitors if you post often. Readers like to be welcomed with a new entry! To keep readers as well as search engines updated about new posts, make use of RSS Feeds. Some blog-hosting websites, like WordPress, feature the ability to stagger your posts so that your blog is consistently updated even when you are not there. Make the most of this feature!


·         Allow for easy commenting. Comments are the best way to get feedback and thus may provide some vital information on areas that a business needs to improve upon within their franchise marketing strategy. So, make sure that readers are able to comment on the posts easily.

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Hello Everyone.
I know that this video may not be something that you are all interested in, and that’s understandable as not everybody wants or writes a blog.
Louise and I get a lot of emails everyday from blog readers asking questions about everything we touched on in this video, so it seemed only right to compile this video for those who ask us & are interested.
Please don’t take this video too seriously, we didn’t. We aren’t blogging professionals, and our opinions are just personal. Blogging is a way to express YOUR individuality and personality, so by all means take on board anything we may have said if it’s helpful to you, but if not, then carry on as you are. There are no rules to blogging, just have fun

And if this video doesn’t tickle your fancy, be sure to skip to minute 22 for the bloopers.

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