Learning Styles
Learning modalities or the physical senses used to consume information are only half the picture when it comes to figuring out how people consume the content that you provide. People also operate in different learning styles; and there are ways to present your content so that it reaches people in all four of the learning styles. These learning styles, which are outlined below, are based on David Kolb’s research.

• Why – Why people are categorized as salespeople and promoters. They are about 33 percent of the people. They want to know why the information is important and why it applies to them.
• What – What people are the scholar and teacher types and account for 22 percent of the population. These people want the facts without the fluff. They want to see documentation and they want to know the bottom line.
• How – Technicians and roll-up-your-sleeve people are around 18 percent of people. These people want to see what they learn in conjunction with how it works. The want to compare the new information that they are taking in to the information they already know.
• What If – The marketers and big picture people make up about 27 percent of the population. These people want to know all the alternatives. They want to know if there is a better way. What If people need all of the boundaries defined.

What’s going on inside the minds of the audience…
Using the learning modalities and learning styles will dramatically affect your content optimization techniques. When you take into consideration what is going on inside the minds of the audience, it becomes much easier to meet them where they’re at and tailor your content to their needs. When your market doesn’t have to adapt to your content, but your content caters to the needs of your market, you will have successfully optimized your content.

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