Network Marketing is a fun and lucrative business, but only for those who know how to sponsor. If your looking to learn how to sponsor people then you came to the right article.

Sponsoring is an art, its about making people make decisions. Even if people don’t want to join your company, you can sign them up anyway. You can only do that once you master sponsoring which does take time.

Anyway, you want to learn about sponsoring. Its an art you will master over time. Sponsoring or recruiting is a numbers game. The more people you talk to about your business, the more people will join. So, if you want to sponsor 1 person a week, you should try speak to 100 people a week to begin with. As you get better, you will only have to speak to maybe 10 a week.

Most people make excuses like they have no friends to sponsor or some other bs excuse. You can talk to people on the street, at the supermarket, on Facebook or wherever. Facebook is a great place to start or any social network for that matter. You can tap into millions of people instantly.

All the social Networks now have live messengers so you can instantly prospect people. You can easily add 100 new friends a day and have at least 50 of them accept you. Even when they don’t know you, people are flattered when you add them as a friend.

Now make an aim to talk to at least 100 people a week. You only have to talk to them for around 5 minutes each. If you have an online presentation, sales page, video, or better yet a capture page. Tell them to go ahead and visit this website and put their name and email in for more info. Then call them in a week’s time and sponsor them into your company.

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