Niche marketing refers to a technique of online marketing which focuses on a specific segment of a more general, larger market. By looking for a product or service within this general market, niche marketing really can be one of the quickest ways to profit and making money with internet marketing.

• Discover your niche – To truly understand niche marketing, one really does need to think about it like product research. Initially one looks for the type of product, and then slowly drills down to a brand, and then a model and then they choose their product. Niche marketing is a similar process. Start general and break down into subsets until you discover a market in which there is lots of demand, but little competition. This means that there are no major competitors and effectively, you become the market leader straight away.

One grand example of niche marketing is the fabled weight loss market. Anyone who knows anything about internet marketing will tell you to avoid three main markets. These are Weight loss, finance and adult. The reasons why? These are markets that have huge amounts of demand, but they are also the most saturated on-line markets out there.

• Unique segments – But, one of the many secrets that people will not tell you is that within each of those markets there are categories within or niches which are not quite as well-represented, nor have they been exploited by other marketers. How many unique segments of weight-loss can you think of? Weight loss recipes, weight loss drinks, weight loss snacks… the list is endless and with simple trial and error with Google search keyword tool, you can start to uncover what may be a profitable niche.

Just remember that whilst it is easy to find a niche, it is remarkably hard to uncover a profitable niche. Some of the best tips and advice are to think out of the box, be creative and do thorough research.

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