If you happen to be a small business entrepreneur, you will benefit much from having your site listed in Google Places. However, you have to make sure that your small business local listing is optimized to maximize your benefits.


Here are some SEO tips that you may want to consider:


In creating your local business listing, you should include as much local information about your business as you can.  You should be able to include your locality along with the right keywords to use to optimize your local business listing.


To cut the time you need to spend to determine the right keywords, use the keyword tool that Google provides.  In using this tool, you can find out the keywords that relate to your business including the volume of searches made on these keywords.


It is important and crucial that you provide only accurate and exact information about your small business and that these data are consistent with all the information you have across the internet.   The more consistent the information is, the better Google will rank you.


The higher the ranking of your main website is, the more favorable your website is in the eyes of Google Places. If your website has relevant content using the right keywords and updated regularly, the more credible you can be on Places.


Only go for legitimate methods in optimizing your listing on Places.  This is also the reason you can get more benefits from outsourcing your optimization needs to an internet marketing professional who understands better what and what not to do in optimizing your local business listing on Places.



Be sure to include your physical address in your listing.  If you happen to have several branches and in various locations, you have to include each of your physical address covering the locations where your branches are.


Google Places is an important marketing tool that every small business entrepreneurs like you should be able to take full advantage of.  The benefits of internet marketing in growing your business profitably are just too many to disregard.  Start to optimize your local business listing now.


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http://tinyurl.com/SEO-IQ Try SEO Tips for Google in 2015 :
What do you have to do to get high rankings on Google? Well we have some Google seo tips on how to rank on Google. Alot of things have change with Google SEO and sites that use to rank, no longer do because of poor backlinks or incorrect anchor text which you can now get penalised for.

Here we attempt to show you how to get better rankings with all the Panda changes etc.. and try to keep ahead of the game. No mean feat as its well know that the playing field changes on a weekly basis, if not daily basis.

One of the best tools that has helped me personally is the SEO I.Q.. This has helped me loads and watch the FREE video on the url link, its very good.

Hope you enjoy the explanations in the video and it may well help your website to rank better and give you a useful look at what is needed to try and climb up the google ranking ladder.

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