Setting content development goals each year is an important part of your content marketing strategy.

Now is the time to outline your marketing objectives for the rest of the year. In this day and age, content marketing should be one portion (if not the focus) of your marketing strategy. If you’re planning to start or expand a content marketing strategy, here are some very doable goals for the rest of the year.

Goal #1: Create one content marketing piece to go the distance.

This long-term piece is something that will look as fresh next fall as it does right now. Something that prospects and customers will still be scrambling to get their hands on. To make this happen, it needs to be relevant and valuable. Consider an e-book, an outstanding white paper or a bundle of reports.

Goal #2: Create one ongoing content marketing strategy.

When you build up a big library of information, content marketing really works. Put a strategy in place that will keep going month after month and year after year. Eventually, you’ll have a huge inventory of material you can re-purpose in dozens of ways. Consider a content-driven newsletter or a blog with an RSS feed.

Goal #3: Publish your content in many different ways.

My content rule: reuse, reuse, reuse. The time-consuming task is creating the content, so once you have it make it work for you. Post it to social media like Twitter and Facebook, distribute to industry partners, submit it to content syndication sites, turn it into a press release, put it in your employee newsletter … the options are endless.

Goal #4: Add content to your Website.

Having content on your website is essential. Don’t forget to throw some keywords in there while you’re at it. Remember, websites aren’t just for sales pitches anymore! Bonus points: create a separate site and fill it with content — and only content.

Goal #5: Try one new content format.

Using a variety of formats attracts a variety of customers and prospects. Try something new: audio, video, webinars, PowerPoint, print, Twitter. Dip your toe into something you haven’t experimented with yet.

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