Content plays a vital role in driving prospects to a website. It helps to nurture trust by sharing valuable information with prospects so that they take the right purchasing decision. The main purpose of content sharing is lead generation. Once leads are driven to the company website, they can be nurtured with educative content. However, B2B marketers must ensure the following mistakes are avoided in order to be successful in their lead generation efforts.

1. It is important for marketers to not blow their own trumpet. If every piece of content that comes out sounds like a sales pitch it only scares the prospect away. This is especially true of email marketing campaigns because there is always the threat of an email ending up in the spam folder. So, it is imperative to remember that hard-selling and self-promoting content can have the same effect on prospects as well.

2. Today online marketing has a wider reach than offline marketing. So, despite the pervasive presence of social media and various content-sharing tools available online, marketers continue to allocate larger budgets to TV, print, and radio. It is always recommended to have a hybrid mix of content marketing and explore the various tools that are available online to share and leverage the content produced.

3. Usually, content is developed for multiple purposes. It may be used for lead-generation, thought- leadership, introducing a new brand, direct selling, or improving customer relationships. However, it must be noted that too much content only bores the readers and the content produced may never be read again. So, it is important that any content communicated to prospects (newsletters or blogs) must contain a concise message. Also, the message must include a call-to-action that will encourage the prospects to visit the website.

4. B2B Marketers must analyze and understand (using marketing automation solutions) what prospects will derive from the content and do in response to it. It is also crucial to understand that content developed and presented to prospects must be in tune to the company’s marketing strategy. So messages posted in blogs, tweets, press releases, videos, presentations, etc. must be coherent and support the larger picture.

5. Be wary of the time gap between communicating content to prospects. Jumping onto the social media bandwagon and creating accounts on a large number of social media platforms can be a waste of time. Also, if the quality of these efforts is poor and if they are repetitive in nature, it can have a detrimental effect on lead generation or lead nurturing efforts.

Leveraging content marketing at the right time to the right people can make a large different to lead generation efforts. Read more on marketing automation software.


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